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                IPad leather jacket recommended Guide

                With the increasing popularity of iPad, more and more parts manufacturers begin to compete for iPad protection sets. Now more iPad protective sleeve on the market, if the choice of utility and market purchasing leather, win money, need to function, protection and price considerations, on the recommendation of several billion Feng hot products factory.
                One, double sided intelligent leather case
                Recommended reason: selected soft quality of two kinds of different styles of PU fabric, a simple temperament, suitable for business occasions, side by using digital printing technology, production of casual fashion design, carefully made use of leather can double transformation. According to the occasion or with clothing to use, so that your iPad together with you change, a variety of support methods to meet the multi angle support, perfect support iPad automatic sleep / wake function
                Two, hollow leather
                Recommended reasons: the use of laser hollowing process, Tongli material with a layering of patterns, color matching, fun, fashion, multi angle support, to meet the needs of different visual angles, support iPad automatic sleep function.
                Three, stitching leather
                Recommended reason: PU with cloth spliced, feel soft cloth and fashion design, collocation PU material, by hand sewn together, there are a number of card bags can be used, multi angle support, provide sleep function, make this playful and practical products.